Think Big, Design Big, for Big.
SOCIAL ASSEMBLING TO BIG DESIGN - Think big, design big, for big. Design for People: design so that it goes beyond an individual, beyond one client, but for the greater good of the public, of our society. Design for Public: design so that it is more than an interior space, but into the street, into our social context, into our everyday lives. Design for the Environment: design so that it is more than a decoration, more than a surface, by understanding our contractors, what materials we pick and use, by thinking of a sustainable practice and future. Design for Excellence: design so that it is more than a commercial activity, but to push beyond a service, to serve our society with great professionalism, to serve our next generation. Design for Truth: design so that it is more than a one year project, five or ten years, but to design with a lasting legacy, to influence, and to inspire.

We work on film production, stage visual effects, motion graphic, 3D projection mapping, 3D ride Animation, and Visual effect consultant.

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