Taiwan Aboriginal totem element and weaving culture are combined ancestral spirits and the warriors imagery.
Created the soul of creative works: Warriors shot from the side.
Began from a face of Atayal Tribe warrior and plus the geometry to be varied. Woven fabric that is wove a side face of Aboriginal warrior. The head is extended from mountain pepper flower of the Atayal. Gradually from fruit become flowers that is a symbol of cultural positive results.
Aboriginal Totem commonly used geometric gradients as drops of blood to signify the ancient wisdom of aboriginal and cultural heritage. This series of development idea is the blood of the warriors. Irrigating the Taiwanese Aboriginal Renaissance to be blossomed.
原住民圖騰常用之幾何型漸變為血滴,代表原住民古老智慧與文化的傳承。此系列發展意念為勇士們的鮮血,灌溉賦予,台灣原住民文化復興(Taiwanese Aboriginal Renaissance)的生命力,開花結果。
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